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Interested in becoming a vendor at our market....?
Madras Saturday Market is open to all central Oregon farm, food, and artisan vendors. New vendors are welcome to join through out the season. All products sold at the Madras Saturday Market must be locally grown or produced and vendors must provide their own tables & market tent (if needed). 

Vendor Fees:
Annual Market Membership Fee - $25 per season (not required for Holiday Market participation)
Weekly Vendor Fee - $25  

Applications for both markets can be mailed to :  

Michelle Jiunta ( or Desert Flower Productions.

P O Box 2063

Terrebonne, Or 97760



For more information  email;



Due to Covid19 the OFMA has set the following safety requirement for all Oregon Farmer's Market Vendors:

1) Vendors must wear masks. And wear gloves, they can be plastic food handler gloves, latex gloves. 


2) Booths must be at least 6 feet apart ( I will place you 10 feet apart)


3) No samples


4) We must maintain safe social distancing, 6 feet between you and other people. Please no handshakes or hugs, I know many of you have a special connection with your customers but we must keep a safe social distance. 


5) If you are sick , do not come to the market.  If you are running a fever, coughing, sneezing, aches, rash , pink eye or other symptoms please stay home. I know allergy season is terrible for many of us and many symptoms overlap BUT I can not have you at the market if you exhibit any of these symptoms.  I will have to enforce this rule.  If you paid for a day you have to miss because you are sick, I will work with you  ( refund or apply to next market day).


6) Each booth must have hand sanitizer. This is for you to use. You will need to use hand sanitizer if you touch money and between transactions were you are touching things( debit cards, money, etc) You can apply the hand sanitizer to the gloves, you do not have to keep changing gloves between transactions. 


7) Sanitize things that are touched. If you are using a tablet or phone to run cards, wipe down after each transaction.  If your set up has other things that people touch, please wipe down after each person. 


8) Each booth will be responsible for monitoring safe social distancing.  I will need you to remind customers.  We will have signs in each booth, signs around park, some marking in front of booth to que people where to stand in line and wait.  In the OFMA guidelines , they are calling it a " safety monitor". I will need you to be that safety monitor for your booth and yourself. 


9) Please create contact info for yourself ( phone number, email, webpage, social medial ) available to give out to customers to be able to have the option of pre orders and curbside pick up for those who want or need it.  These can be business cards or just hand written cards, please have these prepared before the market so you are not taking time to write it down at the market. 


10) I will need each of you to have a poster board, neatly written out, legible, with the following information displayed in your booth.  a) Please maintain social distancing at least 6 feet

                                         b) One customer at a time. 

                                         c) No samples.

                                         d) If you touch it , you buy it. 

                                         e) Please wear a mask , to keep us all safe. 

                                          f) If you are sick, stay home.

                                          g) Type of payment you are accepting


11) All vendors will need to wear shirt and shoes during market. 


12) No scales. Please have all things; bagged or bundled at your set price. And I would recommend to keep prices rounded to full dollar amount, please do not give out coin change. It is up to you whether you accept cash. Just make a note of that on your poster board.  If you accept cash , you will need to sanitize your gloves after each transaction. 


Customers will be allowed to pick their produce and you can display it in front of you on your tables.  Please give it some thought as to the best way for you to set up your booth and maintain safe social distancing.